Case Study : Post Operative Analplastic Astrocytoma



AGE: 43

ADMISSION STATUS: Stage 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma

NGPDT TREATMENTS: 2 Treatment Courses

RELEASE STATUS: Positive / Necrosis

ONGOING STATUS: Alive and well 18 months after treatment.

The patient received tumor ablation on the left pulmonary lobe, however the tumour could not be thoroughly ablated during the operation, pathology report following the operation was diagnosis of Anaplastic Astrocytoma. Post operative CT Scan showed recurrence at the original tumor site. The patient was admitted to our NGPDT Treatment Centre and given his first 9 day treatment course. Patient reported no discomfort during the treatment, absence of previously experienced head-aches, improved memory after one treatment course. Post treatment CT Scan 5 months later showed that the recurrent tumor in the original operation site had disappeared completely. Patient reported he felt totally recovered, and the life had returned to normal. Patient received a second NGPDT treatment course for follow-up. Patient is working and living a normal life.

This patient is now within our follow-up monitoring program. The doctor who took charge of his operation stated prior to NGPDT that the future situation of this patient would degrade, and gave a median survival time would have been 3 months. Since treatment this patient has been living for more than half a year with his health improving daily. Patient is still working and feeling well.