Case Study : Left Central Lung Cancer



AGE: 70

ADMISSION STATUS: Metastatic Lung Cancer

NGPDT TREATMENTS: 3 Treatment Courses

RELEASE STATUS: Positive / Necrosis

ONGOING STATUS: Alive and well 12 months after treatment. Original diagnosis was less than 3 months to live.

The patient’s condition was very poor on admission to our treatment centre. Felt constant pain in his chest and experienced breathing difficulties with frequent coughing. NGPDT Check-up prior to treatment with the following diagnosis…

  • Trachea had a deviation to the right.
  • Percussion on left lung indicated lung had collapsed.
  • Severe wheeze in right lung.
  • Heart rate of 108 beats/minute.
  • Abdomen examination showed no abnormalities.
  • Chest X-ray showed left lung atelectasis, large amount of pleural effusion, 3000mls of pleural effusion with blood was drawn out after chest puncture.
  • Metastatic Carcinoma on right lung.

First course of Next Generation PDT was begun immediately. Simultaneous “Shenqi Fuzheng Zhusheye” (Pilose Asiabell Root & Astragalus Root Injection) and nutrition support therapy was also administered. Post treatment checkup after two sessions of PDT light therapy found the general condition of the patient had improved, breathing difficulty had been noticeably alleviated, pleural effusion had been reduced to slight encapsulated fluid.
On the third day of NGPDT light treatment dead cancer cells were found in the pleural effusion. Patient reported chest pain had been noticeably abated. During the treatment this patient still smoked 20-30 cigarettes daily and drank alcohol. After 3 courses of NGPDT patients quality of life had noticeably improved. Examination performed on the day the patient was release from hospital was generally positive and a slight retraction of the tumour could already be noticed on his chest.
A visit to the patient in May found the patient was living a normal life. His daily cigarette consumption was still 30/day, and alcohol consumption was still excessive, however chest pain had disappeared, and the patient reported he no longer needed to take pain medication. 18 months have passed since NGPDT treatment and the patient is still alive and well. Doctors had given this patient less than 3 months to live when originally diagnosed.