Case Study : Brain Astrocytoma



AGE: 44

ADMISSION STATUS: Brain Astrocytoma

NGPDT TREATMENTS: 1 Treatment Course

RELEASE STATUS: Positive / Improved Health

ONGOING STATUS: Patient is taking part in our follow-up monitoring program.

This patient received an operation for diagnosed Brain Astrocytoma prior to him approaching NGPDT for treatment. The tumor could not be thoroughly ablated during the operation. The patient had headache, dizzyness, homonymous hemianopia in both eyes, and short term memory had been significantly weakened along with other minor symptoms. NGPDT checkup was carried out prior to beginning treatment with the following findings….

  • Patient was clear-headed, could answer questions well.
  • Aniscoria was evident, however both pupils were round and showed appropriate sensitivity to light.
  • Eyeball movement seemed fine.
  • Homonymous Hemianopia on the side of both eyes.
  • Nystagmus (-) Audition was normal, strength of extremity muscle was normal, no nausea disorder.
  • Both sides Babinski’s sign (-) patellar reflex was normal, no Hoffmann’s sign (-).
  • No abnormality of heart, lungs or abdomen were found.


This patient was administered one round of treatment of Next Generation PDT after admission to our treatment centre. After the second session of light therapy, patient stated his headache and dizziness were no longer prevalent. Previously experienced dim eyesight and blurred vision had improved significantly. Patients sleep had also improved significantly. This patient is within our follow-up monitoring program and is currently alive and well.